Personal Injury

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, high levels of financial stress and recovery may very well be in your future. We understand this is a trying time for you and your family, but it may be in your best interest to seek legal representation.

Business Law

Commercial litigation can involve many different matters, including contract disputes, commercial leases, purchase agreements, debt collection, partnership and corporate disputes.

Trust & Estates

Wills and Trusts, Asset Protection, Probate and Trust Administration are very important areas one must contemplate and choosing the right attorneys is a must.

Real Estate

Real estate transactions and disputes involve innumerable issues and considerable risk. When you need real estate law legal assistance, it is important that you work with attorneys who are highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of real estate law.


– 1987, Opening

– 2004, Mr. Jary Hulst joins

Jary Hulst joins John Williams after leaving Silicon Valley as a securities and business practices attorney.


  • What is a will?

    A will is a written document that allows you to designate:

    • who will receive your estate (your property that does not pass by beneficiary designation or joint ownership arrangement; see more below) after you die;
    • who will raise your children if you die while they’re still minors, and your spouse is unavailable to care for them;
    • whether your beneficiaries receive their inheritance outright or in a trust; and
    • who will serve as your personal representative – that is, the person who will pay your bills and taxes and distribute the rest of your estate to your beneficiaries.
  • When do I need a written lease?

    A lease is a contract that defines the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. A lease can be oral or written. If a lease is for one year or less, an oral lease is as binding on both parties as a written lease. But the terms of an oral lease may be difficult to prove. A written lease helps avoid misunderstandings between the landlord and the tenant.

  • When should I consult with an attorney?

    When faced with a legal problem, you may wish to consult with a lawyer about your legal rights and responsibilities. Often, early consultation with a lawyer will save you time, trouble, and money in the long run.

  • I’ve been injured, now what?

    If someone else is more at fault for your injury than you are, you may make a claim against that person or business and their insurance company, if any. The type of accident and the cause of the accident may affect whether you are entitled to compensation

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